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Transmission Repair and Service Eugene, Oregon (97402) 

Transmission Maintenance Essentials

auto-repair-shop-eugene-oregon-01For most Oregon drivers, your vehicle’s transmission will last hundreds of thousands of miles if maintained correctly. Like any other mechanical equipment, your transmission will eventually wear out and need repair or replacement. Proper transmission maintenance and upkeep is vital to the integrity of your car. Below are some tips on proper maintenance. If you have further questions about transmission maintenance, feel free to ask a mechanic when you take your vehicle in for an inspection or service.

Make sure your transmission always has enough fluid.

Transmission fluid provides the necessary pressure to transfer power from your vehicle’s engine to the transmission. It also cools and lubricates it, preventing overheating and wear and tear. When you take your vehicle into Jackson’s Complete Auto Repair, your local Eugene, Oregon auto repair shop for an oil change and inspection, we will check the transmission fluid level and top it off if it is low.

Replace transmission fluid on schedule.

The transmission’s gears grinding against each other cause small metal particles to chip off the gears and contaminate the fluid. Transmission fluid also contains detergents and additives to help your vehicle run more smoothly. Over time, these additives are depleted. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will have recommendations on how often your vehicle’s transmission ought to be replaced. If you are unsure, ask one of our mechanics for a recommendation on when your vehicle’s transmission fluid next needs to be replaced.

Take your vehicle in for service if you suspect there is a transmission fluid leak.

If you see a reddish fluid on your driveway near your vehicle, your vehicle might have a transmission leak. This can be caused by a faulty hose, gasket, or seal. If you suspect you may have a transmission leak, take your vehicle into your Eugene, Oregon auto repair shop to get checked out.


Top 5 Signs Something is Wrong With your Transmission

auto-repair-shop-eugene-oregon-021. Check Engine light is on

2. Burning smell (inside or outside the car)

3. Car is leaking fluid

4. When trying to accelerate, the vehicle’s engine revs but it is slow to gain speed

5. Rough/harsh gear shifts, grinding or shaking when changing gears

Eugene, Oregon Transmission Repair and Service

Did you know that nine out of ten transmission failures are caused by overheating and transmission fluid contamination? Over the lifetime of your vehicle, its transmission will become congested or clogged with sludge and varnish. Over time, small particles of metal may chip off the gears and contaminate the fluid. Transmission fluid additives can also deplete over time. If vehicle is showing one of the five signs that its transmission is not working properly, take it in to Jackson’s Complete Auto Care in Eugene. Our mechanics are knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. They will inspect your vehicle’s transmission, explain to you what the problem is and their recommended solution(s), and do good work to fix the problem.

Jackson’s Complete Auto Care is an auto repair shop in Eugene, Oregon that stands by its service, work, parts, and prices. We pride ourselves on our integrity and great service. We have been in business for 70 years, and for all those years we have operated under the same principles- do good work, educate people about cars and help them make the best decisions, and always treat people right. If you need transmission servicing, repair, or an inspection, give Jackson’s Complete Auto Care a call, e-mail, or visit, and let us earn your trust!

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