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Eugene Automotive Exhaust System Repair

Have you noticed strange sounds or smells in the cab of your vehicle lately? Is your engine behaving strangely? Is your car throwing exhaust-related “check engine” codes? It might be time to have your exhaust system inspected and, if necessary, repaired. Jackson’s Auto Care in Eugene, Oregon has the tools, parts, and experience necessary to repair your exhaust system.

Exhaust System Components- Eugene, Oregon

Automotive exhaust systems exist to expel combustion byproducts from the cylinders and into the atmosphere. Without a properly-functioning exhaust system, your vehicle may experience problems ranging from a decrease in performance to outright failure to start. Knowing the various components of an exhaust system and the problems associated with their failure will help you explain your suspicions to the AAA-certified mechanics at Jackson’s Auto Care in Eugene, Oregon.

Exhaust Valves

Exhaust gasses start their journey out into the atmosphere within the cylinder head. The sweep of the piston through the cylinder bore during the exhaust stroke pushes exhaust gasses through the open exhaust valves. During the compression stroke, when air and fuel fill the combustion chamber, the exhaust valves must form a tight seal in order to prevent this mixture from entering the head. A failing exhaust valve can cause backfiring, sluggish acceleration, rough idle, and poor gas mileage.

Exhaust Manifold and Gasket

After being pushed through the head, the exhaust gasses travel into the exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold gasket forms a seal between the exhaust manifold and the rest of the engine. When the exhaust manifold fails, you may notice a loud ticking, tapping, or hissing noise, along with a burning smell, decreased performance, and bad mileage. The exhaust manifold gasket is the most common failure point in this region of the exhaust system, though the exhaust manifold itself might also develop a leak leading to similar symptoms.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter transforms harmful compounds in the exhaust into more benign substances. It is usually mounted as close to the exhaust manifold as possible. Over time, the catalytic converter can become clogged with soot or fall apart entirely. The symptoms of a failed catalytic converter are similar to those produced by a failed manifold or gasket, but might also include (where applicable) the inability to pass an emissions check.

Exhaust Pipe and Muffler

The exhaust pipe and muffler are the most exposed parts of your exhaust system. Leaks in your exhaust pipe might cause a smell similar to raw gasoline entering the cab. It will always cause a loud, strange noise that might range from whiny to booming, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of engine a vehicle has. Mufflers can spring leaks as well. And, just like a catalytic converter, they become clogged with soot over time.

Exhaust System Repair in Eugene, Oregon

Did you know that your vehicle’s exhaust system is designed not only to reduce noise, but also harmful environmental emissions? Mufflers and exhaust systems that work properly don’t only sound better, they are truly better- for your car, for you, and for the environment. Exhaust gas has many potentially poisonous pollutants and particles, including carbon monoxide. An exhaust system that leaks into the passenger cabin can be harmful and potentially life-threatening. At Jackson’s Complete Auto Care, your local Eugene, OR auto shop, we offer exhaust system and muffler service and repair. Putting off an exhaust repair almost always costs more than fixing it right away, so if your exhaust does not sound right, take it in to Jackson’s to get it checked out!

Exhaust System Overview

An exhaust system’s primary function is to safely conduct hot exhaust gas from inside the vehicle to outside (from the engine, leaving the car out the tailpipe). Most exhaust systems also treat the exhaust gas to remove pollutants and have a muffler to diminish engine noise. Exhaust manifolds connect to the engine’s cylinder heads, where the exhaust gases are collected. Exhaust gas is analyzed by oxygen sensors, then refined and de-polluted in the catalytic converter, then muffled by the muffler.

Top Signs You May Need Exhaust System Repair

  • Fumes in the Passenger Compartment– If you smell fumes in your passenger cabin, (exhaust fumes or otherwise) schedule an appointment with Jackson’s Complete Auto Care in Eugene, Oregon. Drive with the windows down before you get your vehicle checked out to minimize exposure to the fumes.
  • Hissing, Popping, or Ticking Noises– If you hear hissing and popping noises from your exhaust system, there is a good chance that there is an issue with your muffler or exhaust manifold, most likely a leak.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency– A malfunctioning oxygen sensor or catalytic convertor in your car often leads to decreased fuel efficiency. If your vehicle’s engine seems to be working well, but your gas mileage seems to be noticeably lower than normal, it may be time to take your car into a Eugene, OR auto shop to get the exhaust system checked out.


If you suspect that there is something wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust system, bring it in to Jackson’s Complete Auto Care! ASE certified mechanics at your Eugene, Oregon auto shop will inspect your vehicle, tell you what is wrong with it, and explain your options to you. Our automotive technicians have a great deal of expertise on the maintenance and servicing of all vehicles- cars, trucks, domestics, and imports.

Jackson’s Complete Auto Care has been one of Eugene, Oregon’s premiere independent auto repair shops for over 69 years. We have stayed in business for that long because of our dedication to our loyal customers. We pride ourselves on our top-notch service and we only use quality parts that are built to last. If you think there may be something wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust system, bring it in to Jackson’s Complete Auto Care and let us earn your trust and your business today!

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    Awesome!!! The guys in their service department actually listen/explain things in a way I can understand and are super friendly to boot. I love that we can bring both of our cars there to get fixed (and fixed right!) and don’t feel like we have to take them to separate places to get someone who knows what they’re doing with each one. Plus, they’re always able to drop me off and pick me up so that I don’t have to wait or arrange for a ride to/from their place – very convenient. Definitely recommended.

    I had my truck break down in Eugene on a trip through. AAA recommended Jackson’s so I had them tow me there. Jackson’s was thorough, honest and professional. They took care of the problem FAST, gave me good info about taking care of my diesel engine and were friendly and personable to boot. Very good experience!! Thank you so much for getting me back on the road!

    Jackson’s has been around so long for good reason – they’re honest, whether the news is good or bad, and are just good people, not to mention the fact that they’ve fixed anything and everything I have thrown their way and fixed it well. I appreciate being able to go to one place that can take care all of my personal and business vehicles, no matter the make/model. Highly recommended.

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