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Engine Overhaul Eugene, Oregon

Does it seem like no matter what you do, your engine seems tired and worn-out? Does it smoke, rumble, clink, pop, or groan? Have you changed all the filters, belts, spark plugs, and accessories to no avail? Do you love your car too much to consider giving up on it? Well, it may be time for an engine overhaul. At Eugene, Oregon, we have everything it takes to bring your tired engine back up to snuff.

What is an Engine Overhaul?

Engine overhauls come in two basic forms. A in-chassis overhaul does not involve removing the engine from your vehicle. The head will typically be removed from the block. All valves, valve seals, cams, rocker arms, rollers and hardware will checked and replaced if damaged. The pistons will be removed and fitted with new rings. All seals, bearings, and guides will be checked and replaced if necessary. A major overhaul involved removing the entire engine from the chassis. It includes every service performed during an in-chassis overhaul, plus stripping everything off the engine and replacing most moving parts with factory-spec parts.

When do I need an Engine Overhaul?

The primary reason one might consider an engine overhaul is compression loss. Gasoline and diesel engines rely on pressure created during the combustion process to move the pistons which turn the crank and eventually power your vehicle. While many kinds of engine problems can be solved simply and cheaply, compression loss is not one of these problems. Compression loss occurs when the seals trapping explosive combustion gasses inside the combustion chambers of your engine fail, allowing pressurized combustion gasses to enter other parts of the engine. Some common failures include:

Piston Rings

Piston rings float between your pistons and piston bores. They keep oil from intruding into the combustion chamber, as well as providing for a tight seal to preserve compression. When piston rings fail, you might notice a number of symptoms. First among these is a notable loss of power. You might notice rough running and light blue smoke exiting the exhaust pipe.

Valvetrain Seals

Several different seals work together within the valve train to maintain compression within an engine. Failure in any of these seals is a very serious concern. Symptoms of a failed valvetrain seal include loud ticking noises from the valve train, rough running, and light blue smoke exiting the exhaust pipe.

Head Gasket

The head gasket is a piece of ductile metal that seals the head, containing the valve train, to the engine block, containing the pistons and crank. When the head gasket fails, coolant mixes with oil within the engine block. Compression is also compromised. The telltale sign of a failed head gasket is rough running and white exhaust smoke.

Eugene, Oregon Engine Overhauls

When your engine needs an overhaul in Eugene, Oregon, look no further than Jackson’s Auto Care. Our experience team of mechanics has the knowhow to bring your old, tired engine back to life again. Call Jackson’s Auto Care today to schedule a consultation!

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