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Eugene, Oregon Pre-Trip and Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections

Buying a used car and going on a road trip share this in common: unknown problems can rear their ugly heads when it matters most. That’s why you should do yourself a favor and call Jackson’s Auto Care today to schedule a Eugene, Oregon pre-trip or pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Chances are, mechanical issues will crop up over the life of any car. The key is doing everything you can to anticipate and work to mitigate these issues before they become major problems.

Used-Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

At Jackson’s Auto Care, we are more than happy to help you with your vehicle purchase decision. Our trained team of master mechanics has been working on all sorts of cars for years. They know what to look out for on particular vehicles, as well as the general signs of wear and tear or rough use vehicles share in common.

Expecting Inspection? Will Do!

Our mechanics will take time to evaluate all the major systems of your car. Suspension components including links, bushings, shocks, and struts can be expensive and complex to repair. Spotting suspension issues before you buy a car is a great way to avoid costly repair bills. The engine is another obvious failure point with big financial implications. Our expert mechanics will check your engine for oil or fluid leaks, as well as any signs of low compression, gasket damage, or other ticking time bombs that can turn your new car into a lawn ornament. They will also check the wear parts on the engine: the air cleaner filter, fluids, belts, spark plugs all need inspection in and of themselves and might point to more serious problems. Your car’s electrical systems can also have a profound influence on your car’s performance. Jackson’s Auto Care will make sure that these systems are in good working order and let you know how much it would be to repair them if they aren’t.

Bargaining Chips in Your Pocket

Just because a used car has some mechanical issues does not mean that you should not purchase it. Having the sort of information you need to make an informed decision means you can come to the bargaining table with leverage. If a car will require a thousand dollar repair, ask for $1,250 off for the cost of the repair plus the time and effort it takes to schedule and deliver the vehicle to the repair. Do not worry about offending someone. If anything, you have the right to be offended if someone is knowingly attempting to sell you a car with hidden issues.

Eugene, Oregon Vehicle Inspections

Of course, almost everything that can be said about a vehicle pre-purchase inspection can also be said about a pre-trip inspection. The big difference is, if something happens to your car and your family because you didn’t pursue a pre-trip inspection, you have no one to blame but yourself. Luckily, Jackson’s Auto Repair is here for all your vehicle pre-purchase and pre-trip inspection needs. Call them today for rates or to schedule an appointment.

Here are some of the services we offer at our AAA-Approved Auto Repair facility:

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Awesome!!! The guys in their service department actually listen/explain things in a way I can understand and are super friendly to boot. I love that we can bring both of our cars there to get fixed (and fixed right!) and don’t feel like we have to take them to separate places to get someone who knows what they’re doing with each one. Plus, they’re always able to drop me off and pick me up so that I don’t have to wait or arrange for a ride to/from their place – very convenient. Definitely recommended.

I had my truck break down in Eugene on a trip through. AAA recommended Jackson’s so I had them tow me there. Jackson’s was thorough, honest and professional. They took care of the problem FAST, gave me good info about taking care of my diesel engine and were friendly and personable to boot. Very good experience!! Thank you so much for getting me back on the road!

Jackson’s has been around so long for good reason – they’re honest, whether the news is good or bad, and are just good people, not to mention the fact that they’ve fixed anything and everything I have thrown their way and fixed it well. I appreciate being able to go to one place that can take care all of my personal and business vehicles, no matter the make/model. Highly recommended.

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