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Eugene, Oregon Japanese Car Mechanic

When you need a mechanic for your Japanese or Korean car, Jackson’s Auto Care has the expertise and experience you can trust! With the latest diagnostic equipment and a team of highly trained technicians, Jackson’s Auto Care is prepared to handle any problem your import car might have.

Toyota Mechanic in Eugene, Oregon

Toyota is not the oldest car maker in Japan, but it is the most powerful. Thanks to a long history of excellent engineering and obsessive production quality control, Toyotas are acclaimed for their credibility-straining reputation for reliability. This reputation also makes them a marque with one of the lowest depreciation rates in the country.

Lexus Mechanic in Eugene, Oregon

In the early 80’s, Toyota executives hatched an ambitious plan: create a car brand from scratch to compete head to head with German luxury cars in America. Toyota’s brainchild would have to be faster, more serene, just as luxurious and not nearly as expensive as its competitors. Its first effort in this regard was the blockbuster Lexus LS400, a V8-powered rear wheel drive full size luxury card that reset the narrative about what success looked like in America. Lexus has only reinforced its reputation for superior fit and finish.

Honda Mechanic in Eugene, Oregon

Honda is a well known and popular brand worldwide. Much like Toyota, Honda has a reputation for excellent engineering and obsessive quality control. Unlike Toyota, however, Honda has a reputation in the motorcycle, ATV, and marine world. This sporting heritage comes through in Honda’s frequent special-edition versions of its common family sedans and even more strongly in sublime sports cars like the S2000.

Acura Mechanic in Eugene, Oregon

Hot on the heels of Toyota’s wild success with Lexus, Acura introduced its interpretation of the America import luxury sedan. Unlike Lexus, the Acura legend sedan and coupe were front-drivers without V8 power. They did employ Honda’s first V6 as well as a reasonably powerful and mechanically interesting V5. What stood out in early Acura was the balance of sportiness and refinement they offered. Halo models such as the Integra Type R and NSX underlined this essential brand ethic; Acura was Premium Honda, not a Japanese take on a German formula.

Nissan Mechanic in Eugene, Oregon

Nissan was Japan’s first automotive enterprise. Though it was not the first Japanese car sold in the United States, under its Datsun brand name, it quickly became one of the most well-known. Old Nissans and Datsuns are renowned for their durability, although their corrosion control can sometimes leave something to be desired. On the other hand, where Toyota has traditionally offered staid and predictable everything, Nissan is known for more adventurous and sporty offerings.

Infiniti Mechanic in Eugene, Oregon

Nissan was late to the game with their excellent but tragically under-appreciated Infiniti. Infiniti’s first American offering, the snarling, excitable V8-powered Q45 was hindered by a bizarre ad campaign that never even showed the car in question. The automotive press celebrated the Q as the most fiercest and most committed sports sedan among the crop of early American-market Japanese luxury sedan. This did not save the brand from relative anonymity, though certain recent offerings such as the FX-series SUV and G35 sedans and coupes have developed committed cult followings.


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