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Eugene, Oregon American Car Repair

Here at Jackson’s, we are proud to work on American Cars… Cars which have driven this country for more than a century. Our talented AAA-certified technicians appreciate the simplicity and ease of repairing these cars, especially since they often share parts across different model lines.

Ford Mechanic

Ford is not just a marque: It is an empire. Henry Ford invented mass production, and his company has not slowed down since. His main company continues to crank out consumer cars worldwide and a breakneck pace

Mercury Mechanic

Long fashioned an “import fighter,” the Mercury brandwas founded by Ford scion Edsel Ford in 1938 as an affordable entry-level luxury brand. The brand ceased production in 2011, but many Mercuries still soldier on.

Lincoln Mechanic

A step above even the mighty Murcury, Lincoln has always made true luxury cars since being purchased by Ford in 1922. Today’s Lincolns are mechanically sound, quiet, and just a little feisty… Just like founder Henry Leland would have hoped.

General Motors Mechanic

General Motors is the largest car company on the face of planet earth. Over the course of its lifetime, it has owned and operated dozens of marques. Here are some you are probably more familiar with:

Chevy Mechanic

Chevrolet, or as it is more commonly known, “Chevy” is the most prominent (but not the oldest) marque in the GM stable. It was founded by GM Founder Will Durant as a tool to wrest control of the nascent General Motors from international bankers, and has been fighting that machine ever since.

Buick Mechanic

Buick, Will Durant’s first venture, is older than GM itself. Though Buick almost met the same fate as similar brand Oldsmobile, a resurgence in China has buoyed the brand beyond drowning for the foreseeable future.

Cadillac Mechanic

Everyone knows about the Cadillac brand. Its distinctive winged crest sets it apart from the rest of the GM cast of characters. Recent Cadillacs have been acclaimed as the best cars coming out of America.

GMC Mechanic

GMC is the truck arm of the GM body. All the vehicles it produces are trucks, although lately its lineup has become bloated with sedan-based crossovers.

Chrysler Mechanic

Chrysler has been passed around between several different European partners over the last couple decades, which is unsurprising considering this brand’s affinity for frequent and fruitful partnerships.

Dodge Mechanic

Dodge, the brand, has been refined ever since Chrsyler’s acquisition by Fiat. No longer home to pick-up trucks, now Dodge is solely focus on family cars and crossovers.

Ram Mechanic

Ram, once a model and now a nameplate in and of itself, builds trucks in its own brand silo in a strategy not unlike GMC.

Jeep Mechanic

Jeeps have a long, storied history in the USA. They continue to be the best-selling members of the Chrysler cast of characters, mostly owed to their off-road potential and reputation for reliability.

Eugene, Oregon American Car Repair

At Jackson’s Auto Care, we are ready to address any American car’s mechanical issues. Whether it is periodic maintenance or full engine overhauls, Jackson’s Auto Care has what it takes. Give us a call today.

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