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Eugene, Oregon Automotive Electrical Service

Ever since the invention of the spark-ignited internal combustion engine, electrical systems have been an integral part of every car. When they are working well, they can do everything from move your seats and windows to communicate with the satellites that power GPS systems. When they are malfunctioning, the problems they cause can range from annoying to downright dangerous.

Car Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Few car owners have the tools and know-how necessary to diagnose and repair their own automotive electrical systems. Most people understand that without specialized training, working with electricity can pose serious risks. Because the electrical systems in all cars are interconnected through the wiring harness, a mistake in one place can manifest as a problem somewhere else entirely. Doing the wrong thing wiring-wise can permanently damage your vehicle. Add to that the fact that under-hood electrical components in particular can pose an electrocution risk if mishandled, and the case for bringing your car to a Eugene, Oregon certified automotive technician at Jackson’s Auto Care for car electrical diagnosis and repair makes a lot of sense.

What Is The Issue?

The first step of solving a car electrical system problem is diagnosis. Diagnosing a car electrical problem follows a specific set of differential steps which systematically eliminate possible fault points until the source of the problem is found. The most common kinds of car electrical problems are broken continuity, short circuits, and grounding problems. Using a multi meter, an experienced automotive technician can detect any of these problems and come up with a repair plan.

Solving The Problem

Repairing automotive electrical issues can be difficult. Car electrical components are intentionally hidden by manufacturers, often behind body panels or bulkheads. Without specialized training and tools, just accessing automotive electrical systems for diagnosis and repair can easily cause more harm than good. And, even if you manage to access the problem electrical system, one small mistake can make the difference between a small inconvenience and a big issue. The talented automotive repair technicians at Jackson’s Auto Care will create a repair plan for your vehicle based on manufacturer’s recommendation and backed by AAA certification. There is no need to worry about your car electrical problem once its in the capable hands of our expert staff. They will bring your car back to functioning the way the manufacturer intended it to so you can get back on the road in comfort and ease.

Eugene, Oregon Car Electrical Repair

When a car electrical issue has got you down, it’s time to call someone who will diagnose and repair your car. There is no need to continue limping along with a bum car electrical component. Owning a vehicle with helpful convenience features is a great benefit of living in the modern age, but those same features can sometimes fail. When your car electrical systems have gone from convenient to inconvenient,  it’s time to call Eugene, Oregon’s own Jackson’s Auto Care. Go to the one you trust. Call us today!


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