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1-541-344-7366 Located at 660 West 6th Avenue Eugene Oregon 97402
Our Heritage 

At Jackson’s Auto Care the customer is first priority. Our team of auto technicians and professionals illicit over 84 years of experience, as well as the same impeccable customer service as when Jackson’s was first founded in 1946 to better service your vehicle. We combine our timeless customer assistance, expertise, and efficient service with modern technologies, resulting in a job that is always done right. At Jackson’s, our goal is for customers to leave with their vehicles in better condition than when they first came in. We have relationship with both our customers and their cars and want customers to feel confident in our abilities. We provide a number of services, from auto maintenance to major fixes, and want you to feel safe when driving your car. The name Jackson’s Auto Care has and is still synonymous with unparalleled excellence. Our ASE-qualified technicians and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment ensure that your vehicle will be serviced properly, extending the overall life of your vehicle. When looking for a mechanic in the Eugene-Springfield area, pick Jackson’s, both our reputation and history speak to our talent.


Our Beginnings

Jackson’s Auto Care is known for our legacy and history of hard work, cementing ourselves as a pillar in the community, we have one individual to credit for our inception and success. Manson Jackson started up Jackson’s back in 1946, originally called “Jackson’s Motors,” first located on 6th Avenue, and worked all hours to establish his business and create relationships with customers. Later, one technological advancement launched Jackson’s into prosperity. The invention of air-conditioning inside commercial vehicles were growing in both popularity and demand, resulting in enhanced comfort while maximizing a car’s efficiency. Manson Jackson also saw an opportunity to service the broader community as this new technology become widely available for drivers.


The history and development of in-vehicle air conditioning can be credited for our initial success as a business and helped establish Jackson’s Auto Repair as the oldest independent shop in the Eugene area. We started our business in 1946, in tandem with the development and technological advances of the air conditioning industry. Before the advent of air conditioning, drivers had to roll or crank down the windows of their car to allow air flow, though in particularly hot climates, this would only result in the circulation of more hot air. By rolling the windows down, drag inside the car was increased, preventing the vehicle from performing at its peak speed. Needless to say, the invention of cool air conditioning became a coveted feature. Come the 1930s, air conditioning in public buildings like super-markets, stores became the standard, turning interests to other means of air-conditioning. By 1959, the number of total air-conditioned cars had reached one million, making the feature more of a staple than a luxury for car owners. Come 1969, over half of new vehicles sold came preinstalled with air-conditioning, leaving a wide market for air-conditioning related repairs. Jackson’s took advantage of this market, becoming the best shop in the area for A/C related repairs and fixes.


The advent and growing demand of ­­­­after-market and in-vehicle air conditioning became a highly sought-after commodity, and Mr. Jackson took advantage of this new technology by affiliating himself with the ARA and specializing his shop in air conditioning related repairs and fixes. As a result, throughout the Eugene-Springfield area, Jackson’s became known as the largest service center for air conditioning repairs, with a reputation for effective, professional service. Though Mr. Jackson retired in 1985, selling the company, Jackson’s has been managed by a number of passionate and dedicated owners. Jackson’s currently stands five blocks west of its first residence, on 6th Avenue at 660 W. 6th. Now, Jackson’s specializes in blending both tradition and history with new budding technologies, expert automotive technicians, and reputable service. As a cornerstone in community, Jackson’s exists to service the drivers and families of the Eugene-Springfield area, and we care about your safety when on the road.


Our 84 years of experience ensure that your car is in good hands, with mechanics that are well-equipped to handle any of your vehicular needs, be it regular maintenance or complete repair. Customers choose us because we are knowledgeable, helpful, and dedicated to maintaining our standard of excellence. As was the case years ago, Jackson’s practices the best in regard to vehicle repair and service. We value the relationship between customer and car, and our impeccable work is a testament to our beliefs. We have been the leading independent auto repair shop in the Eugene area for years and hope to be your first choice for the next 84 years.

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