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Eugene, Oregon Oil Changes (Lube, Oil, Filter)

Regular lube, oil, and filter changes are the cornerstone of any proper vehicle maintenance program. It used to be that vehicles called for an oil change every three thousand or so miles. Today, with advancement in manufacturing and lubrication technology, many manufacturers are now calling for seventy-five hundred mile oil service intervals, or even longer! Even though this might make it seem like oil changers are less important than they used to be, the fact is these longer oil change intervals mean that precise attention to your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance are more important than ever.

Eugene, Oregon Lubrication Service

Oil is not the only lubricant your car uses. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it may require regular chassis lubrication. This chassis lubrication is applied through various grease fittings located under your car. Though newer vehicles rarely require this type for service, for the cars who need lubrication service, it is essential. Without proper lubrication, your vehicle may develop unpleasant creaking and groaning. If left alone for long enough, these annoying noises will develop into wear and tear that might result in costly repairs. Do not let proper chassis lubrication slip through your fingers. Make sure your included chassis lubrication in your next regular vehicle service.

Filter Change Service

Though oil filters themselves are usually inexpensive, failing to change them can be costly indeed. Oil works by constantly scrubbing sooty build-up and dislodged metallic particles from your engine so they do not cause premature wear and tear on internal components. In a properly sorted vehicle, this sludge of debris and varnish collects in the oil filter. When the oil filter is ignored, a series of increasingly dangerous conditions may develop. The most obvious is excessive wear and tear on internal engine components. As severe as this can be, it is only the tip of the oil filter-related issue iceburg. If an oil filter becomes clogged through lack of maintenance, the consequences can be dire. Oil starvation can ravage delicate engine parts, causing catastrophic failure that can requires thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Avoiding these failures is as simple as sticking with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

Eugene, Oregon Oil Changes

For something so important, lube, oil, and filter changes are a profoundly important part of the continued good running of your car or truck. Even though most people imagine lube, filter, and oil changes are simple, the fact is that today’s cars sometimes call for elaborate measures to access the necessary components. Some vehicles aren’t even user-serviceable, requiring professional attention and professional tools to get the job done. Luckily, Jackson’s Auto Care in Eugene, Oregon has the tools and experience you need. Do not miss another regularly-scheduled lube, oil, and filter change! The consequences are not worth it. Plus, a freshly-serviced vehicle feels completely different than a vehicle suffering from deferred maintenance. Let your car get the treatment it deserves. Call Jackson’s Auto Care today for your free lube, oil, and filter quote.

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